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Indiana Gaming Insight

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Indiana's hottest new industry!

If your work depends upon Indiana's hottest new billion-dollar-growth industry, then you need to be using Indiana Gaming Insight.  Described by one prominent international casino developer as "the new industry standard" after just a few months of publication, since 1993, Indiana Gaming Insight has been required reading for:

Indiana Gaming Insight covers all aspects of the state's riverboat and pari-mutuel horse racing industries, the Hoosier Lottery, and Bingo and charitable gaming.

Each week, Indiana Gaming Insight breaks news that you won't see anywhere else.  You learn about developments affecting gaming...events at the state level likely to impact upon gaming...and what rhetoric we're picking up from the political side that you need to know before it gets translated into policy

"I don't read many of these newsletters, but this is one of the good ones."
-Donald Trump

We're your only comprehensive source of information about activities of the Indiana Gaming Commission, the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, the Indiana State Lottery Commission, and the Charitable Gaming Division of the Indiana Department of Revenue.   We will tell you what they're likely to do, what they've done, and how their activities will likely affect you and your work.  We'll even tell you what you can do about it before they do it to you.

Since beginning publication shortly after Indiana's riverboat casino law was enacted in 1993, we've become the publication of record for Indiana in the gaming industry. Indiana Gaming Insight is where industry insiders learn the who, what, when, and why of Indiana's gaming activities.

Don't miss your best opportunity for inside information about the biggest new economic development boom to hit the state in generations!

Don't miss a single detail about how the hottest new industry in the country impacts Indiana, your community, your business, and those you do business with!

Understand what the numbers mean each month with our exclusive boat-by-boat analysis of revenues, admissions, market share, slot paybacks, and other information . . . the most detailed analysis of riverboat performance you'll find anywhere!

Get to know the key officials at the Gaming Commission, the Horse Racing Commission, the Hoosier Lottery, and the Department of Revenue-and that's critical in the new Administration.

Find out where the Indiana State Police white collar crime investigators, the IRS and the FBI are focusing their attention in Indiana...and how that attention might shift.

Discover what's happening in the state's lucrative illegal gaming industry, and what the legislature and law enforcement are doing about it.

Learn key industry news, statistics, trends and forecasts, and actions in other states that could impact the Indiana gaming climate-and your work!

If the topic is floating casinos, pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing, the Hoosier Lottery, or charitable gaming activities such as Bingo and raffles-Indiana Gaming Insight is all you need!

Indiana Gaming Insight..............published bi-weekly (26 issues/yr.)
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via e-mail, local (Marion/Hamilton cos.or 800/888) FAX, U.S. Mail,
or State House complex delivery (State House, IGC, Harrison Bldg., One North Capitol)......$375
via FAX, all other calling areas.....................................................................................$475

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