Indiana Executive Branch Guide


You can't tell the players
        ...without a scorecard

Even though the O'Bannon Administration has been in office for several years now, the lineup of officials at the top levels of different state departments, commissions, and agencies has been changing . . . and many departments themselves have been reorganized.

We'll help you keep current with the changes through the INDIANA EXECUTIVE BRANCH GUIDE, an exclusive CD-ROM service that will tell you:

This publication includes biographical information on more than 425 different high-level state officials and employees.

We'll tell you about those who are filling the top-level posts at the top state offices--including who's who in the Governor's Office.

You can't afford not to know everything you can about the people making the decisions affecting you, and the INDIANA EXECUTIVE BRANCH GUIDE allows you to do just that.  Don't let change throw you for a loop.  Stay in the loop instead, with help from the INDIANA EXECUTIVE BRANCH GUIDE .

Now available on CD-ROM only, allowing you to perform your own searches!

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