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Inside the 3 R's

As education moves to the top of the policy agenda, Indiana Education Insight will help you keep current with key tax and fiscal, technological, policy, political, administrative, judicial, and personnel news affecting elementary, secondary, and higher education in Indiana.

Indiana Education Insight is your comprehensive bi-weekly source of all you need to monitor or participate in education policy development in the state. 

This newsletter is the only one-stop source for information about what's happening-and what to expect-at all levels of the educational system in the state, including activities of the Indiana General Assembly, the Indiana Department of Education, and  the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

"Fills a valuable niche for educators and those concerned with educational issues."
-- Dr. Suellen Reed, Superintendent of Public Instruction

This newsletter is specially written for:

"If you need to follow higher education in Indiana, you now have a timely resource."
-- Stan Jones, Commissioner
Indiana Commission for Higher Education

Follow what the Legislature is doing on tax and fiscal issues, including the school finance formula...keep current with technological changes affecting education in Indiana, including computer assisted education programs and Internet use and policies.

Stay up-to-date on policy changes coming from the Legislature and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Indiana Commission for Higher Education, the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana, the Commission on Proprietary Education, the Indiana Professional Standards Board, and other state entities.

"School administrators (especially superintendents) have a spiraling need for a toolkit of resources.  Indiana Education Insight gives us not only part of that kit, but identifies the fiscal factors and decisions affecting our school and classroom budgets."
-- the late Dr. Ed Adams, Superintendent,
New Albany-Floyd County School Corporation

Understand how political developments can impact policy--and your work...be able to key in on relevant administrative and judicial decisions...and be the first to learn about personnel news from around the state.

From kindergarten through post-graduate education, Indiana Education Insight is your primer on all things education in Indiana.

Indiana Education Insight........published bi-weekly (26 issues annually)
Publisher's Price:
via e-mail, FAX, U.S. Mail, or State House complex delivery (State House, IGC, Harrison Bldg., One North Capitol) ......$285

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