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Dutch : A Memoir of Ronald Reagan by Edmund Morris
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Worth Fighting for   by Dan Quayle
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Is Dan Quayle ready to lead the United States into the 21st century? Well, he feels ready, and in "Worth Fighting For" he not only tells you why he should be the next president but what he'll do if he gets to the White House.

shadowfivepresidents.gif (11235 bytes)Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate 1974-1999   by Bob Woodward   
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His reporting for the Washington Post helped force Richard Nixon to resign; now Bob Woodward looks at the impact of Watergate on American presidential politics over the last 25 years.

Money Matters : Consequences of Campaign Finance Reform in House Elections
by Robert K. Goidel, Donald A. Gross, Todd G. Shields
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Robert Goidel, a political science professor at Indiana State University, is the co-author of Money Matters: Consequences of Campaign Finance Reform in U.S. House Elections (Rowman & Littlefield). The book covers the debates surrounding campaign finance reform and uses simulations and data analysis in concluding that reform, with modest public subsidies and spending limits, would enhance rather than diminish the U.S. system of democratic governance. A history is followed by chapters dealing with excessive spending, candidate viability and free speech; electoral competition; the question of voter turnout; democracy and citizen involvement; FECA's loopholes; and proposals to improve the electoral process through campaign finance reform. Other co-authors are Donald Gross at the University of Kentucky and Todd Shields at the University of Arkansas.

I Ain't Got Time to Bleed : Reworking the Body Politic from the Bottom Up by Jesse Venturatimetobleed.gif (12307 bytes)Click here to view reviews or order this title

In I Ain't Got Time to Bleed, Jesse Ventura reveals the secret of his landslide electoral success--with record voter turnout--and maps his innovative strategies for pioneering a new era in American government. In his own inimitable words, he takes on bloated government, career politicians, and apathetic voters, and tells the wildly colorful story of his days as a navy SEAL, his nights in the pro-wrestling ring, and his experiences on radio and in films like Predator and Batman and Robin .

betrayal.gif (12785 bytes)Betrayal : How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security
by Bill Gertz  Click here to view reviews or order this title

Defense reporter Bill Gertz tells the whole story of how the Clinton administration has sold out the national security and has gone to great lengths to cover it up. Gertz uses his extensive sources within the government and his unrivaled access to confidential documents to expose the Clinton administration's deadly deals for political gain.

Degas and New Orleans : A French Impressionist in America by Gail Feigenbaum, Jean Sutherland Boggs Only $28.00
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Uncovering Clinton   by Michael Isikoff Only $17.50uncoveringclinton.gif (14857 bytes)
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Perhaps you've been reading in Salon about the not-quite-vast right-wing conspiracy that tried to bring down BillClinton. But what about the reporter whose research started the whole impeachment meshugaas of 1998 when gossip maven Matt Drudge broke details of the investigation in his online column? Washington Post journalist Michael Isikoff's account has so many newsworthy details in it that we promised the publishers we'd keep all of them a surprise for you until the book actually comes out.

alltoohuman.gif (5328 bytes)All Too Human : A Political Education by George Stephanopolous
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A personal and candid memoir by the former senior counselor to the president about life in the White House during Clinton's first term. A brilliant combination of pragmatic insight and idealism, "All Too Human" will do to politics what "Liar's Poker" did to Wall Street. of photos.


Lobbying for Higher Education : How Colleges and Universities Influence Federal Policylobbyingforhigher.gif (10037 bytes) (Vanderbile Issues in Higher Education) by Constance Ewing Cook
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Lobbying for Higher Education: How Colleges and Universities Influence Federal Policy is about how the major higher education associations and the constituent American colleges and universities try to influence federal policy, especially congressional policy. In clear prose it explains how the higher education community organizes itself in Washington, how it lobbies, and how its major interest groups are perceived both by their own members and by public officials. The book focuses on the crucial development in 1995-1996 of a new lobbying paradigm, which included the greater use of campus-based resources and ad hoc coalitions. The author, Constance Cook, used sources unique to this project: over 1,500 survey responses from college and university presidents (a 62% return rate) and nearly 150 interviews with institutional and association leaders.

tripplewinskytapes.gif (13029 bytes)The Tripp/Lewinsky Tapes by Geoffrey Giuliano (Narrator) Only $8.40
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For anybody who clings to the notion that the impeachment trial of William Jefferson Clinton represents a noble struggle over the ideals of democratic leadership, The Tripp/Lewinsky Tapes is a bracing dose of reality. From the hours and hours of intimate "girl talk" between Tripp and Lewinsky, producer Geoffrey Giuliano has culled 90 minutes of bathetic highlights. If Tripp's recordings are the raw stuff of history--as Giuliano's introduction posits--they're also a reminder that the American history taught in most classrooms is an idealistic fairy tale. (Running time: 1.5 hours, 1 cassette) --Ron Hogan

monicastory.gif (7612 bytes)Monica's Story by Andrew Morton Order Now Only $14.97
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Imagine that you are twenty-four years old and have been confiding in one of your closest friends about your on-again, off-again relationship with a married man twice your age. Then imagine your name is Monica Lewinsky, the man's name is Bill Clinton, and your friend's name is Linda Tripp--who has secretly tape-recorded your confidences and passed the tapes along to Kenneth Starr. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by government agents who threaten you with twenty-seven years in jail if you do not tell them every detail of your private life and cooperate fully in their investigation of the President.

In the summer of 1995, Monica Lewinsky, then twenty-one years old and fresh out of college, went to work as an unpaid intern at the White House. What happened next, as a vivacious young woman's "crush" on her boss led to her public humiliation and the impeachment of the President of the United States, has been documented in shocking detail.

streetlawyer.gif (12037 bytes)The Street Lawyer  by John Grisham  Only $19.57
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John Grisham is back with his latest courtroom conundrum, The Street Lawyer. This time the lord of legal thrillers dives deep into the world of the homeless, particularly their barely audible legal voice in a world dominated by large, all-powerful law firms. Our hero, Michael Brock, is on the fast track to partnership at D.C.'s premier law firm, Sweeny & Drake. His dream of someday raking in a million-plus a year is finally within reach. Nothing can stop him, not even 90-hour workweeks and a failing marriage--until he meets DeVon Hardy, a.k.a. "Mister," a Vietnam vet with a grudge against his landlord--and a few lawyers to fry.

greatestgeneration.gif (12939 bytes)The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw  Only $17.47
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Veteran reporter and NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw went to France to make a documentary marking the 40th anniversary of D-day in 1984. Although he was thoroughly briefed on the historical background of the invasion, he was totally unprepared for how it would affect him emotionally. Flooded with childhood memories of World War II, Brokaw began asking veterans at the ceremony to revisit their past and talk about what happened, triggering a chain reaction of war-torn confessions and Brokaw's compulsion to capture their experiences in what he terms "the permanence a book would represent."

americanalmanac.gif (5570 bytes)The Almanac of American Politics 1998 : The Senators, the Representatives and the Governors : Their Records and Election Results
by Michael Barone, Grant Ujifusa, Richard E. Cohen, Grant Ulifusa Only $42.36
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Not just for policy wonks, this is a book every responsible citizen should own. The Almanac of American Politics contains more up-to-date information about the American political process than any other publication, including profiles and voting records of all 535 members of Congress and the governors of every state. You'll also find informative essays about past political history and future trends across the United States, as well as maps of voting districts, census statistics, and more. (Just in case the listings get you inspired, the almanac provides contact information for all the politicians profiled, including postal and e-mail addresses.) The Almanac of American Politics provides all the information anyone needs to get involved in the political process

century.gif (20217 bytes)The Century by Peter Jennings, Todd Brewster Only $42.00
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"We have sought," write Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster, "to distinguish our story from other histories by holding each chapter up to a litmus test: Have we looked at this time from the perspective of someone who lived through it? And in doing so, have we captured a sense not only of the events of a particular era, but of the mood, the prevailing attitudes?" Thus, the experiences of ordinary men and women come to life in sidebars that appear throughout The Century. Sharpe James, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, recalls the sense of excitement and possibility he felt when Jackie Robinson became the first black ballplayer in the major leagues. Gilles Ryan remembers what it was like to be a high-school student in Dayton, Tennessee, during the Scopes Trial. Connie Chang talks about emigrating to the United States from Korea and establishing a liquor store in Los Angeles, only to have it destroyed in the civil unrest.

financialfreedom.gif (11729 bytes)The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman Only $16.10
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Managing money is far more than a matter of balancing our checkbooks or picking investments--witness the fact that many of us know what we ought to be doing with our money yet often just don't do it. This is the first personal finance book that gives us not only the knowledge of how to handle money, but also the power to break through the barriers that hold us back..

civilaction.gif (7383 bytes)A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr Only $19.25
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In America, when somebody does you wrong, you take 'em to court. W. R. Grace and Beatrice Foods had been dumping a cancer-causing industrial solvent into the water table of Woburn, Massachusetts, for years; in 1981, the families of eight leukemia victims sued. However, A Civil Action demonstrates powerfully that--even with the families' hotshot lawyers and the evidence on their side--justice is elusive, particularly when it involves malfeasance by mega corporations. Much of the legal infighting can cause the eyes to glaze. But the story is saved by great characters: the flawed, flamboyant Jan Schlichtmann and his group of bulldogs for the prosecution; Jerome Facher, the enigmatic lawyer for Beatrice, who proves to be more than a match; John J. Riley, the duplicitous, porcine tannery owner; and a host of others. It's impossible not to feel the drama of this methodical book, impossible not to grieve for the parents who lost children, and impossible not to share Schlichtmann's desperation as he runs out of money. A Civil Action reads like one long advertisement for a few well-placed Molotov cocktails.

lifestrategies.gif (12515 bytes)Life Strategies : Doing What Works, Doing What Matters by Phillip C., Ph.D. McGraw Only $13.17
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Written in a tough-love, sometimes cantankerous tone, this self-help book is not for those looking to explore their inner child or visualize away negative energy. No, this is pull-yourself-up-by-the- bootstraps advice from someone who's done just that. McGraw opens with a scene describing how he helped Oprah Winfrey survive--and win--the 1998 "Mad Cow" lawsuit in Texas, when she was having difficulty coping with the reality of what was happening to her. He helped her face the facts about the lawsuit, after which she was better able to participate in crafting a strategy to win it.

howtogetwhatyouwant.gif (11016 bytes)How to Get What You Want & Want What You Have; A Practical and spiritual Guide to Personal Success by John Gray Only $14.97
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How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have is perfect for the ostensibly successful businesspeople who can't explain why they're miserable, or people who blame their partners for their miseries instead of looking inward. It's filled with anecdotes and tools to help you achieve a fuller sense of identity. Gray says that one of the most important steps to reaching this level of self-awareness is meditation, and Gray gives dozens of stepping-off points for meditation exercises to help you ascertain what exactly it is that you want, and how to remove any obstacles--whether external or internal. Take it from a man who used to be so ascetic that he was rendered homeless but now has achieved a strong sense of self and has managed to write nine best-selling books: both spiritual and material success are within your grasp.

whynotme.gif (14064 bytes)Why Not Me? by Al Franken Only $16.77
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During the last American presidential campaign, Al Franken was content with political commentary, explaining to readers why Rush Limbaugh was, as he put it, "a big fat idiot." Now the stakes are higher: in "Why Not Me?" Franken makes his own bid to move into the Oval Office. Hey, he can't be any more of a clown than some of the men who've been there already, right?

presidentialambition.gif (10140 bytes)Presidential Ambition by Richard Shenkman Only $15.60
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What is the single quality that all the presidents of the United States, from Washington to Clinton, have in common? In "Presidential Ambition," Richard Shenkman examines the lengths to which men have gone in order to become America's chief executive--and what they've done to hang on to their power once they've reached the White House.

Additional titles of interest:

Risky Business : America's Fascination With Gambling by Ronald M. Pavalko Preorder Only $55.01
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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work : Simple Ways to Minimize Stress and Conflict While Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others
by Richard Carlson Only $9.56

netforce.gif (10037 bytes)Preorder! Net Force by Tom Clancy Only $6.39
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Local Books and Authors:

Indiana Fact Book 1998-99 by the Indiana Business Research Center Staff Only $31.96
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It has been four years since the last Indiana Factbook was published. This new edition contains essential information about the State of Indiana--population, employment, industry, income, housing, commuting patterns, building, age trends, education, and welfare.

mendingfences.gif (11853 bytes)Mending Fences : Renewing Justice Between Government and Civil Society
by Glenn C. Loury, James W. Skillen, Dan R. Coats Only $7.19

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Cities on the Rebound : A Vision for Urban American by William H. Hudnut Only $26.95citiesontherebound.gif (11575 bytes)
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In Cities on the Rebound, author William Hudnut draws on his experiences as four-term mayor of Indianapolis, former congressman, and president of the National League of Cities to offer his reflections on the successful city of the future. At the core of the book is Hudnut's vision for dealing with diversity, encouraging sustainable development, finding alternatives to sprawl, managing technological change, persuading cities and suburbs to collaborate, improving government efficiency, and urging citizens to participate as advocates, rather than adversaries.  Rather than dwelling on the problems and deficiencies of today's cities, Hudnut recognizes them, then offers realistic strategies and guidance to the leaders shaping urban America.

Also take a look at:
The Hudnut Years in Indianapolis 1976-1991 by William H. Hudnut, Mark S. Rosentraub Only $24.95
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The former four-term mayor recounts his 16 years as the head of Indianapolis. He describes the problems he faced and how the city organized to meet them, and analyzes his successes and failures. Includes chapters by academic critics, citizen activists, and political opponents on his administration's performance in areas such as fiscal health, the amateur-sports strategy, police, education, and affirmative action. For students and general readers interested in urban studies. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

twentyfirst.gif (12789 bytes)The Twenty-First Century City : Resurrecting Urban America by Ricahrd Miniter, Mayor Steven Goldsmith Only $17.47
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America's cities can be saved - so says Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith. As the mayor of America's twelfth largest city he eliminated city deficits, cut the city payroll, enhanced services, rebuilt infrastructure, revitalized neighborhoods, and reduced crime. And he did it all while cutting taxes! Now, in The Twenty-First Century City, Goldsmith shows how he did it. The Twenty-First Century City gives a hopeful glimpse of the city of the future - a city where less bureaucratic intervention means lower costs, safer streets, and better services. Mayor Goldsmith has proved that by using this new philosophy of urban governance - of government acting as a business and perceiving its citizens as customers - America's cities can once again buzz with the sounds of success.

Being Lucky : Reminiscences and Reflections by Herman B. Wells  Only $29.95
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larryconrad.gif (14757 bytes)Larry Conrad of Indiana : A Biography by Raymond H. Scheele Only $29.95
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nicerepublicangirl.gif (6174 bytes)What's a Nice Republican Girl Like Me Doing in the ACLU? by Sheila Suess Kennedy Only $13.56 Click here to view reviews or order this title.

In this fascinating firsthand account, Sheila Kennedy, head of the Indiana CLU, explains her amazement at stalwart conservatives who seem to think that being a Republican is utterly incompatible with a firm devotion to civil liberties. In perceptive anecdotes, Kennedy skewers the rampant misrepresentations about civil liberties, the ACLU, and those who have abandoned the libertarian heart of the GOP.

harris1998.gif (13525 bytes)1998 Harris Indiana Industrial Directory (Annual) Only $109.00
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1998 Indiana Manufacturers Directory (Annual) Preorder! Only $108.00
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Politics and Religion in the United States (Garland Reference Library of Social Science, V. 1197) by Michael Corbett (Editor), Julia Mitchell Corbett  Only $60.00
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Ball State Political Science Professor Michael Corbett edits the new Politics and Religion in the United States (Garland Publishing) with Julia Corbett from Ball State's philosophy and religious studies department.

Thomas Taggart : Public Servant, Political Boss 1856-1929 by James Philip Fadely, Philip James Fadely
Only $27.95 Click here to view reviews or order this title.

The colorful life and times of Hoosier Democratic party boss and businessman Thomas Taggart is explored in Thomas Taggart: Public Servant, Political Boss 1856-1929. Coming from a humble Irish immigrant background, Taggart worked his way up from clerk at the dining hall at the old Union Depot in Indianapolis to proprietor of two hotels in the capital city. With his hotels and other far-flung business interests, Taggart became one of the state's wealthiest men. In politics Taggart achieved renown as Marion County auditor, county Democratic chairman, state Democratic chairman, and three-time mayor of Indianapolis in 1895, 1897, and 1899. He held the post of Democratic National Committeeman from 1900 to 1916. In 1916 he served as a United States Senator. Thomas Taggart is a fascinating, exceptionally well researched, and engagingly written political biography.

Sherman Minton : New Deal Senator, Cold War Justice by Linda C. Gugin, James E. St Clair
Only $29.95 Click here to view reviews or order this title.

Sherman Minton: New Deal Senator, Cold War Justice brings surveys the life and times of a remarkable public servant who held top positions in all three branches of national government: a U. S. Senator from 1934 to 1940; an administrative assistant to President Franklin Roosevelt; and an associate justice of the Supreme Court. Minton retired from the court in 1956, and died on April 9, 1965 in New Albany, Indiana. Minton was involved with the pivotal crises of America's mid-twentieth century, capping his career with supporting equal rights and the Brown v. Board of Education. American history is the story of an American people, collectively and individually. Sherman Minton is one such American and a life well worth reading.

The Courage to Inquire : Ideals and Realities in Higher Education by Thomas Ehrlich, Juliet Frey
Only $24.95 Click here to view reviews or order this title.

The Courage to Inquire: Ideals and Realities in Higher Education contends that the most difficult challenge for university presidents is to avoid diversions -- such as athletics. In Thomas Ehrlich's words: "The challenge is to keep athletics in their place and not let them wag the whole institution. A president can focus on only a few key goals over a period of years, and the choice of those goals is the single most important determinant of success in office. " He describes a run-in with Indiana's Bob Knight, one of the most successful (and controversial) basketball coaches. In The Courage to Inquire Ehrlich stresses that a president cannot succeed without a "deep-textured involvement" in academic matters, which is the heart of a university. This involves nurturing great teaching, advancing knowledge through research, and building bridges among disciplines. He favors contracts rather than tenure for faculty who do not engage in scholarly work but who, for example, are exemplary teachers of introductory language courses or directors of law or health clinics. He is committed to ethics instruction, but believes also that a university is no place for moral absolutes. Ehrlich describes five qualities a university president need to succeed: a willingness to help others, an ability to ask the right questions, an openness to new perspectives, the determination to choose key priorities and stick to them, and the aspiration to dream big dreams and make them a reality.

Between Two Worlds : Science, the Environmental Movement, and Policy Choice (Cambridge Studies in Environmental Policy) by Lynton Keith Caldwell Only $24.95
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Will humans adapt their lifestyles to conserve the natural systems upon which the living world depends? An integrated analysis of science, the environmental movement, and public policy reveals the interactive roles of environmentalism and science in policy generation.

A Pilgrimage Through the Briar Patch : Fifty Years of Indiana Politics by Ted Sendak Only $20.00
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politicsdummies.gif (5959 bytes)Politics for Dummies (For Dummies) by Ann Delaney Only $15.99
Click here to view reviews or order this title.

Politics For Dummies takes readers of all ages through the murky political waters of the U.S. with just enough wit and humor to make it interesting. It will inform, educate, and encourage people to vote by taking the fear and misconceptions out of the politics.

beyondreform.gif (6284 bytes)Is America Beyond Reform? : Or Do Some Things in Our Society No Longer Fit? by Gordon K. Durnil Only $26.95 Click here to view reviews or order this title.


makingenvironmentalist.gif (5951 bytes)The Making of a Conservative Environmentalist by Gordon K. Durnil Only $13.97
Click here to view reviews or order this title.


The National Parks Compromised; Pork Barrel Politics and America's Treasures by James M. Ridenour, Frank Bracken Only $14.95 Click here to view reviews or order this title.

The National Parks Compromised is James Ridinour's personal account of his four years at the helm of the National park Service and is consistent with his management style during those tough times. It's packed with candor, deliberation, common sense, and a good dose of humor. As director he sood clearly on the side of resource protection and fought against the congresssional creation of new park sites with little or no significance. He coined the term, "the thinning of the blood of our national parks" which referred to the congressional habit of creating pork barrel projects in the national parks budget while failing to take care of the minimal needs of our already established great American treasures. He predicts a slide to mediocrity for the Yellowstones and Yosemites of the system unless this habit is curtailed. In his book, Ridinour places the blame for the deterioration of the National Park System squarely where it belongs: in the U.S. Congress. None of his predecessors or, indeed, his bosses, took on the pork barrel politicians. He did, and every professional park ranger and clear-thinking citizen is better off because of his persistence.

Reasonable Disagreement : Two U.S. Senators and the Choices They Make (Garland Reference of Social Sciences , No 1157)  by Karl A. Lamb, Steven A. Shull Only $26.95
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